MP 113 Google Plus, Real Names vs Pseudonyms, iPad Scam and Building a Brand for Yourself

Peter McDermott, creator and host of Micro Patrol holds discussion with prominent Google Plus users Prisoner, Michael Nast, Susi C Pentico and Thomas Ward. This week the panel discusses the pros and cons of using your real name on social networks versus using a pseudonym, an emerging debate. Also, the panel gives tips on where to buy technology safely and how to prevent yourself from getting taken like a woman in South Carolina who bought an iPad out of the back of a car in a local McDonald’s parking lot. All of this and much more on this week’s episode of Micro Patrol.

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Google+ Late Night Hangout #1

So a few guys got together on Google+’s new Hangout feature and had a earth-shattering debate. Pay close attention and you can get a chance to win a brand new 2 megapixel webcam from the folks at Rocketfish! Click Read More to watch!

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MP 111: Griffin Technology PowerDock Dual, iPhone 2 Jailbreak FAIL

In this episode Peter McDermott from unboxes the Griffin PowerDock Dual for his iPhone and iPad. He also shows you a FAILED attempt at unlocking and jailbreaking a 1st Generation iPhone 2G. Also, a discussion of Google’s attempt to verify all Google Plus users, our Google Chrome App of the Week and our YouTube video of the week. All this and more on this week’s edition of the Micro Patrol netcast!
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Micro Patrol Episode 104: Testing Skype Video Calls

In this brief episode we outline some of the features of our studio including our capabilities with Skype for live video conferencing. Host Peter McDermott also demonstrates some of the features of our cameras and explains how lighting plays into video quality.