MP 110: The Tech Webcast, Social Media’s Big Brother, Google Plus Music Video

Peter McDermott interviews the masterminds from Australia’s leading tech podcast, The Tech Webcast which is now featured on In this episode, Peter speaks with Brad and Jason about NYPD’s new social media squad and what that means to our privacy. Will they ever shut the web off? That conversation and much more on this week’s edition of Micro Patrol!
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MP 108: Mac Rumors, Skype for iPad, Griffin Technology & The Tech Buzz

Peter McDermott, Chief Guru of helps you discover the web. This week, learn why a tablet was delayed its release in Australia, how you can get Skype on your iPad and preview our Google Chrome App of the Week as well as much much more. Visit our website, for show notes and more!
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Micro Patrol Episode 104: Testing Skype Video Calls

In this brief episode we outline some of the features of our studio including our capabilities with Skype for live video conferencing. Host Peter McDermott also demonstrates some of the features of our cameras and explains how lighting plays into video quality.