Relive Old 16-Bit Favorites on your Phone, Tablet or PC with Retrode

Mattias Hulin over at Retrode is going to release his Retrode at the end of January 2012.

This is a software emulator-driven device which lets you run old classic Super Nintendo, Super Famicon or Sega Mega Drive cartridges on your chosen device.

(PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet. )

The magic happens through a USB driven connector, after you downloaded a suitable emulator , links can be found on Retrodes website.

You have 4 joystick ports on the device to share the fun, controllers not included.

So , if you’re a reader with a nostalgic vibe and a pack of old 16-bit cartridges you long to play again, head over to Retrode and pre-book your device!

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