MP 112: Steve Jobs Looks Ill, iPhone 5 Prototype, Google Plus, Free Webcam Giveaway

This week Peter McDermott discusses a photo in which Steve Jobs looks pretty ill. A sneak peak at the iPhone 5 prototype. A laser keyboard! Can you believe it!? Google Plus for beginners. Our Griffin Technology Mystery Product, can you guess what it is? Also, our Google Chrome App of the Week and a giveaway for a brand new Rocketfish Webcam!


Today is Sunday, August 28th, 2011, I’m Peter McDermott from Nashville, Tennessee and this is episode number 112. On today’s show:

Google+ What the heck is it and how do I get an account?

TMZ’s take on the latest photo of Steve Jobs, is it real?

A first peak at a laser keyboard for the new iPhone 5 featuring holographic display

A mystery product from our friends at Griffin Technology, can you guess what it is?

Also, I’ll talk about Craig Shipp about his new Google+ hangout show and how you can watch and participate.

Need a new webcam? I’m giving away a Best Buy Rocketfish webcam to one of my viewers, keep watching to find out how you could be the next winner.

All that and more coming up next. But first, this is Micro Patrol.


So you’ve probably seen some people talking about their G+ account. No, it’s not a new programming language and it’s definitely not about gay positivity. G+ is the acronym for the new Google+ social network. Don’t have an account yet? Well you’re in luck, I have 150 invitations left and would be more than happy to get you involved. But first, let’s take a look and see why you need something like Google Plus in your life.

So, you’ve seen MySpace. Do I really need to comment on that?

You’re probably on Facebook. Remember those drunk photos from last night? Your mother-in-law can probably see those you know…

Twitter? Well, that’s great if you’re a man (or woman) of few words.

So, where is the middle, where is the culmination of all the things we like. Skype, instant messaging, image sharing, link sharing, and discovering new people all while managing your privacy settings on every single post? Well, that’s where the awesome folks at Google come in with what will probably be the most successful social networking platform of the decade.

Now, before you go trying to defend your Twitter or Facebook account and complain about how you don’t need any more social media in your life, take a moment and realize that you really need to take a good look into what Google is doing.

Be forewarned, there are some great ways to use Google+ to your advantage, and some ways in which it could really tarnish your reputation and following. Each week, we’ll give you a new tip or feature about Google+ and how you can use it to better engage your audience or discover the things your looking for.

Waiting to find out how to get an account? Simple! Send me an e-mail. The first 150 e-mails I get will receive my remaining invitations. So, you’re asking, what’s the catch? Well, a couple of things. To start, you’ll need a Gmail account. Don’t have one? Easy, go to and sign up. Secondly, you’ll have to use your real name. Why? Well, when you remove one facet of anonymity you really put a big halt to cyber-bullying. So, if you want to hide behind a mask and post things as someone you’re not, you’re better off sticking to the message boards and your MySpace account with pictures of kittens.

Once you get started and logged in you’ll notice a few key things. First and foremost, my favorite thing, white space. that’s right, Google+ is loaded with white space which allows you to focus on the content or stream in the middle. The design might actually remind you a little bit of a WordPress website template.

So what are these circles all about? Well, borrowing the idea of “lists” from Twitter, Google allows you to sort your content by interests, topics or level of acquaintance. Want to turn off all of the posts from your family today so you can focus on all things tech? Easy, just look at that particular circle or remove your family from your stream.

Not sure who to follow? Based on your interests and your contacts in GMail, Google will even select contacts for you, just click on “Find People” and presto, you’re there! Just create a circle or two with categories you enjoy and drag and drop. Once you’ve used Google+ for a few weeks, you’ll be thanking me for turning you on to it.

Why is Google+ so awesome? Well, once you find people with common interests (which is like shooting fish in a barrel, no matter WHAT it is you enjoy), you’ll be fed the latest information about whatever those topics are. which, in fact brings us to our next topic, a very interesting picture of Steve Jobs which was allegedly taken around the time he announced his resignation.

Although I’m not sure where this was originally posted, it has become totally viral and is starting to pop up all over the web. But–wait a minute–the last time I remember something going all viral over the internet was a study done which showed that Internet Explorer users typically had a lower IQ. Although most of the geeks will agree that is probably true, media outlets across the globe were totally fooled by a bogus report that I discussed on a previous episode.

So, this picture of Steve Jobs has him looking like he’s in pretty bad shape. But is it true? Can it be real? Let’s take a look at the facts…

The photo, which TMZ alleges came from was analyzed by someone and shared on Digg, The Daily Beast picked up on the photo and posted a short story on why it probably isn’t real. So, let’s take a look–if you’re listening to our audio podcast you can find links to the photograph in the show notes available on

Once you take a look at the photo you’ll quickly notice a few things…first of all, it appears that half of Steve’s body has been “squished” for the lack of a better term and his ankle also seems to be skewed. Either way, you can check the image and the analysis on our website and judge for yourself. Do you think it’s real or totally shopped? Visit the website and let me know what you think. We’ll post all of the comments on our show next week as well as the website.

Keeping in the tune of Apple, someone on YouTube has released a video showing a prototype of the new iPhone 5. This tuber alleges that the iPhone five will have a “laser” keyboard as well as a holographic display. Now obviously, this probably won’t be coming onto the tech horizon for another 10-20 years, but it certainly a pretty cool idea and an AWESOMELY edited video. You can find the link to watch more in the show notes. Also, be sure to tell me what you’d like to see in the next iPhone, I’m always curious to see.

Now none of this would be possible without the awesome support from my affiliates, like my favorite, the Nashville-based Griffin Technologies. They create some of the most innovative, attractive and practical accessories for all things tech. So, if you like their stuff, be sure to click on their logo at to help support this podcast and all of my other content.

With that said, I promised to show you a mystery product this week. Something so perplexing, so strange, so versatile, I can show you 5 things to do with it before exposing what its for.

1) Wax-on Wax-off

2) Supersoft Tech Pillow

3) First nano carpet throw rug

4) LCD screen cleaner designed specifically for Corning Gorilla Glass

5) Botox-Impregnated facial scrubber, giving you all of the benefits of botox without the painful injections.

So what is it?

TADA! It’s Griffin Technology’s Jumper, a super soft, super snug neoprene iPad case with a microfiber interior to rid your iPad of all of those pesky fingerprints and a soft neoprene case on the outside to absorb all of the jostling around in your message board. You should definitely get one of these for your iPad if you don’t have one already. To find out how to get your hands on one, visit my website, and click on Griffin to get it!

Coming soon I’ll be reviewing a product each week and doing something very special with it after the review, GIVING IT AWAY! That’s right FREE STUFF, just from watching or listening to this podcast and following me on a few social media sites.

Although I won’t be giving this one away, my girlfriend has already called dibs on it, I do have a Rocketfish 2 Megapixel webcam from Best Buy that I’m giving away this week. How can you get your hands on it? Simple, just Subscribe to this podcast on YouTube (, follow me on Twitter (@micropatrol) and Like this on Facebook at Once you’ve done all that, send me an e-mail or leave a comment. Next week on Sunday, September 4th, 2011 I’ll announce the winner on the show. Be sure to participate, because it could be you!

So for most of us, Sunday night is probably a school or work night and going out and having a blast isn’t an option. However, there’s a great way you can hang out with new people, drink a beer and have a great time without going to the corner bar or worrying about driving home. Social Networking and web presence guru Craig Shipp hosts a Google Hangout which is broadcast live each Sunday at 11pm ET. You can check that out on Google+, and if you don’t have an account, remember to send me an e-mail at to get yours started today.

And now, it’s that time. The time during which I show you the much anticipated, much talked about and much loved, Google Chrome App of the Week. This week, hopefully you’re hungry, because I found a great app that will tell you exactly what you’re hungry for. It’s called gojee and it is available in the Google Chrome Web App store for free.

This intuitive website shows you exactly what you can cook based on the ingredient you’re craving. Looking for something salty? Let’s see what happens.

Craving some hot sauce for your barbecue?

This site has it all and it’s available in the Google Chrome App Store or simply by visiting

So that’s our show…wait a minute…my producer is telling me we forgot something…hang on…you want me to do…oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

That’s right! This show wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t waste 6 days of my life scouring YouTube for the funniest or most relevant video I can find. So, since this broadcast is right before dinner and we all love animals…how about a nice video with a hungry dog…let’s take a peek…

Well, that truly is our show, well my show, and I don’t have a producer, I am the producer. So, I hope you enjoyed and want to come back and watch or listen to more. You can find all of my content and more on and you can also circle me on Google+ and who knows, maybe we can hang out

From Nashville, Tennessee, in the Micro Patrol Netcast Studio, I’m Peter McDermott, and I’ll see you next week, right here!

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