Megaupload Shutdown Enrages Internet Hacktivist “Anonymous”

Earlier this week, the United States Department of Justice announced the forced shutdown of Megaupload, a considerably known file-sharing site. Several employees and two corporations were said to be indicted and faced with up to 50 years in prison. In retaliation to that, the hacktivist group “Anonymous” started attacking the Department of Justices’ website and several other websites of known companies supporting SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act.

As of this day, this attack was the largest ever by Anonymous, crippling most of the music industry and government websites across the United States. Many members in the United States congress changed their stance on the controversial SOPA bill.

More on the story as it develops.

What will YOU do to stop SOPA and PIPA from passing? Put your actions in the comment section below and let us know!

image courtesy of Anonymous on Google+


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