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Having got my very first Apple product The iPhone 4S through the PayPal’s Wishlist competition back in December of 2011, it was only right I would give everyone a low down on how my user experiences have been in using the iPhone 4S. Having been a Nokia user for many years and I have to admit I don’t know why I never used the iPhone before but now I have had the opportunity for it to wow me and now I trust the iPhone will become an invaluable tool and mobile smartphone for years to come. 

The iPhone 4S in Summary

Here are a number of features that have bee great for my day to day life, and having used the iPhone for a number of weeks I can safely say it is and will continue to be the best smartphone ever to be introduced and eclipses all the predecessors of the past.


iPhone 4S – Camera Photo

iCalendar function

Not only have I been able to manage my day to day events, I also receive notifications of Birthday’s and Anniversary of families and friends and these are sync’d via iCloud and user inputs on the Windows Live & hotmail calendars. This is also extended to the Google Calendars which Sync’s fabulously. Now I don’t have to rely Facebook events anymore and therefore all my events are pushed straight to my iPhone notification centre which ultimately enables me to SMS and email my friends and family all from the comfort of my iPhone. I will never have to worry about a missed Birthday or Appointment ever again. 
HD Camera & HD Video

Now the 8MP HD camera has been so convenient for me and the quality of the images are second to none. Believe it or not I actually was looking to buy a Digital camera to go alongside my iPhone 4S, however after taking a few photos from the iPhone I have to admit I have been pleased with the quality of the photos and therefore will not be needing one. (see the photo)


iMessage, Game Centre, Notification Centre, Mail, Find iPhone, Find Friends, App Store & Music have all been fantastic to use.

The App store houses a number of fantastic free games and the gaming experience has been excellent. Hours of fun in one pocket sized phone. Impressed with the graphics, game loading speed, and general gameplay have been excellent. My favourite games include

  • Temple Run
  • Bejewelled
  • Asphalt
  • Mega Jump
  • iBasket & Monopoly

Apple App Store

Linking in from the games from the App Store, I have been delighted with the quality of the Apps available for me to download, use and play with on a day to day basis, and I have been happy with the whole user experience and that being further boosted by how much it can perform on a platform as such and I for one have been impressed with the iPhone. It brings me great pleasure to let you all know how much of a delight it has been to use all these different and wonderful applications.

Imti’s top 5 Applications

1. Google+ - A innovative social networking application that exceeds my expectation and goes beyond the direction of Facebook and other failed Social Networking sites.

2. WhatsApp - A great way of getting in touch and saving lots of money on out of bundle usage to family and friends alike from all over the world, all that is required that they also have the Application installed too, but by the looks of it, many people have access to the application and the first year comes free.

3. Skype - Now what would I do without Skype, having used it for a number of years this application still remains firmly among the best applications I have ever downloaded for the iPhone, Macbook and Laptop. Another money saving application that saved me lots whilst the other half was abroad.

4. ESPN Goals - Being a Football Fan (Soccer to those American fella’s) I can never catch my football team’s goal highlights, and this application allows me to watch the goals for my team as well as the other teams in the league. The video’s are crystal clear and it helps me consolidate my team’s progress and helps with those football conversations with the friends.

5. Logitech Touch Mouse - Now this application is invaluable especially while the laptop is connected to the TV via HDMI and I am snuggled up in bed watching an Online movie. This application basically and simply controls my desktop via the Wireless function and helps me from getting up to play, pause or stop the movie. I know it’s lazy but it works like a charm for me.


I thought my biggest bug bear would be the fact that the iPhone did not have a physical keyboard and I was anticipating the touch screen to be my biggest irritant, however the touch screen and the interface has been fantastic for me. The biggest disappointment has been the functionality of the much hyped Siri.I understand the nostalgia and the hype behind the voice operated iPhone assistant that could do a number of things namely the dictation of both SMS and e-mails, generate up to date weather forecasts,  perform calendar and other tasks, web search, and or tell a joke or two, but the nostalgia did  wear off and I eventually switched the service off. Not only does the map search function of Siri open to US carriers only it just does not appeal to my overall user experience and I don’t believe I will use Siri anytime soon unless it does something spectacular or develops for the future.
All in all the iPhone 4S is a fantastic product offering courtesy of Apple and the great vision of the late Steve Jobs (RIP)
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