How to Diagnosis Your Internet Connection Problems

An internet connection can fail at four points: software on the PC, wireless adapter, router and the modem. This quick guide gives you a basic procedure that you can go through to diagnose the problem. The hardest problem to diagnosis is when your internet has intermittent hiccups.

My internet has stopped working completely.

1. First, use another device to check if the internet still works. If so, then it’s the adapter or software on your computer. Reinstall the drivers for the adapter or replace the wireless adapter.

2. If no WIFI devices can connect to the internet, look to see if the modem is flashing the light listed as “internet”. If not, then it could be the modem. Call your ISP to make sure it is not a neighborhood wide outage.

3. Reset your router by pulling the plug, waiting 5 seconds, and plugging it back in. If it still doesn’t work, then go to your router’s settings via WIFI by typing or in the web browser of your choice. Google “how to access x router administrative tools” if those IP addresses doesn’t work. If you can access the administrative tools then the router should be fine and the modem is the culprit.

My internet stops intermittently.

1. As soon as your internet stops working, use another WIFI enabled device to see if the internet still works flawlessly. These intermittent issues are hard to catch, try and use another computer for a few days to see if the issues occur on both machines or not. If not, then it is likely your wireless adapter.

2. If the intermittent internet freezing happens on multiple devices, turn your router on and off. Most routers don’t have a switch and pulling the power plug is the only way to turn it off.

3. If you are sure you ruled out that it is not your wireless adapter and your router, replace your modem. Don’t assume that a modem an internet service provider (ISP) gives you works 100 percent. They are horrible at diagnosing intermittent modem problems. They can (and do in my experience) give you another modem that someone else had problems with.

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