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There are two easy ways in which you can show your financial support for MicroPatrol’s Netcast Network. Either use one of our suggested donations below and we’ll be sure to include you on our sponsors page, or if you only have some spare change that you’d like to get rid of, click Donate and you can give us whatever you’d like. Your donations will go towards the purchase of software, webhosting, equipment and beer. These are all things that we need in order to accomplish our project. The only money we make is from viewers like you and the occasional click impressions with our Google ads. If you’d like to contribute more or become an advertiser, check out our sponsorship opportunities. Remember, money isn’t the only way to support us, we’re happy to have┬ásecond-hand equipment and free software, as well as your time! Either way, we really appreciate you showing your support for our interactive media project.