How have Steve Jobs and Apple influenced your technology life?

There is so much talk on the web as I write this about the sudden passing of Steve Jobs. Although the world suspected he was not in great health, his death was certainly a surprise and shock to all. In order to commemorate his dedication to the advance of technology, I think it is important to reflect on his influence on our lives. What Apple technology has changed the way you do things every day?

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Google+ and how Hangouts are Changing my Life

Just over the last few days, not even weeks, I have become very active in Google+. If you’re a frequenter of Google+ hangouts, you very well may have seen me. Whether it is chatting with my good friend +Brad Chasenore from Australia’s Tech Webcast, or watching +Cliff Roth do an amazing job of painting other Hangout participants in a 30-second window, everything I have come across has been completely amazing.

Surely, there have been some things that are less than amazing, like that person that joins your hangout and has 13 children screaming in the background or their television blaring so loud it overpowers everyone’s mic. So, of course, you mute that person and they immediately unmute themselves. Admit it, there are people like that in life that can’t handle themselves in a cocktail party, so don’t sweat it.

The point of this post it to declare that I absolutely LOVE everything I have discovered, the people I have met and the opportunities that have presented themselves since I have joined Google+.

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Boarding up Borders: The Death of the Paperback

Photo Courtesy of The Hampster Factor (Flickr Creative Commons)

Photo Courtesy of The Hampster Factor (Flickr Creative Commons)

After decades of numerous efforts to digitize our texts, retail markets are finally starting to fall victim to the digital paperback. According to USA Today, Borders has announced that they will liquidate more than $700 million of the company’s 259 stores’ inventory including book shelves, displays, music, videos and of course, books.


Barnes & Noble was able to survive the recent plunge of tree-killing texts by offering its answer to the Amazon Kindle, what it calls the Nook, which starts at $139, a mere $25 more than Amazon’s e-reader, the Kindle.


With new tablet options abound, consumers are stuck with the decision to buy something full-color bright LCD screen such as the Apple iPad 2, or a battery-saving black-and-white maverick as Sony, Barnes and Noble and Amazon, among others, all offer now.


There are certainly advantages to both products. Google has even entered the race by adapting their popular smartphone operating system, Android, into a tablet version. Last week, CNET rated the 5 best Android tablets on the market with hardware manufacturers such as Samsung, Acer and Asus rounding out the top. Even so, most of these options will set you back $300-$600.

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