Micro Patrol is Seeking Co-hosts, Contributors, Content Writers and Designers

Photo Courtesy of jsawkins under Creative Commons License

Photo Courtesy of J Sawkins under Creative Commons License

If you’ve watched any of the videos on our website, YouTube or UStream, you’re probably aware that this is currently a one-man show and the content is constantly—albeit slowly—improving and turning into the quality that we ultimately seek. As the designer, content writer, producer and personality of all of this content, I see a lot of opportunity for younger writers, contributors, designers and even students to offer their expertise and become part of the community.


You might have noticed that there are links for Advertisers and Sponsors on the website. Currently the only revenue that we generate comes from Google Ads and that revenue comes at a crawling pace. Currently we average about $.01/day. So, over the course of a year, I think we should clear about $3.65 if my math is right. I think that’s about enough to buy a tall peppermint mocha at the end of the year (hopefully). Clearly, not a very lucrative venture at this point. However, financials aside, we all know that starting a new idea is an investment of both time and money. I have provided all of the equipment you see used during the show, along with a little help from my family and friends.

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MicroPatrol Announces new show “Poli-Tech”

Join us for our new weekly show where we’ll discuss how legislation and law affect the way that we use technology and the Internet every day. This is a completely interactive show, so please send us your e-mails, your phone calls and your videos to become a part of this show. Please visit the Contact Us and Interact pages for more information on how you can interact!